Local Olives

Mini Arbequina Olives (Hatay Region, TURKEY)

Arbequina Olives are another Spanish variety that seem particularly well suited to Turkey growing conditions. Well known for their lovely buttery flavour, Arbequina’s have a crisp texture and slightly peppery finish. A fantastic table olive and great garnish to salads and platters. Bon Apettit !

Small Olive

Do not look that tiny, such as the nucleus itself is smallish, very tasty and very oily olive. When you add the olives to your serving plate and offer them to yourself and the family. If you have consumed the cookie without even realizing it and you say that you have consumed all of them, you are sure to act before anyone else to get the last olives if you came in pre-catering at a place you go.

Mini Arbequina Olives (Hatay Region, TURKEY) Ürün İçeriği Nedir?

Teknik Özellikleri ve Detayları

Fermented Green Arbequina Olive, Brine Water

Nutritional Values (Ruler)
Energy 272 kcal
Fat 27.9  g
Saturated Fat 5.7 g
Carbonhydrate 0.6 g
Sugar 0 g
Proteines 1.7 g
Salt 4000 mg
Sodium 6.1 mg
~ Vitamin D  0 mg
~ Calcium   0 mg
~ Iron         0 mg
         ~ Potassium 25 mg  0%
All nutritional values are * 100 grams.
Calorie Ruler
Quantity (Grams / Gr)  Calories (Kcal / KJ)
0,50 Gr 136 Kcal/KJ
100 Gr 272 Kcal/KJ
150 Gr 408 Kcal/KJ
200 Gr 544 Kcal/KJ
250 Gr 680 Kcal/KJ
300 Gr 816 Kcal/KJ
350 Gr 952 Kcal/KJ
400 Gr 1088 Kcal/KJ
450 Gr 1224 Kcal/KJ
500 Gr 1360 Kcal/KJ

Keep in a cool and dry place.

500 CC Glass
5/1 Tin
15/1 Tins

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