Classic Olives

Natural Cured-Oil Gemlik Type Black Olives

Oil cured olive which is favorite of breakfasts take place on your tables with Gemlik type olives we grow at our gardens.

Natural Brine Method

With our natural fermenting method, we complete our production process in 5-6 month period by turning with salt in brine tanks or cans. After the packaging process, we deliver to your tables. Altınköy Gemlik Oily Saddle Black Olive does Because of your all natural and chemical free products, preservative or colorant at any stage of our product.

Natural Cured-Oil Gemlik Type Black Olives Ürün İçeriği Nedir?

Teknik Özellikleri ve Detayları

Natural Fermented Dried Black Olive, Vegetable Oil (Corn Oil)

Nutritional Values (Ruler)
Energy 90 kcal
Fat 10  g
Carbonhydrate 0.86 g
Sugar 0 g
Proteines 1.29 g
Lif 3 g
Salt 1600 g
Tüm besin değerleri * 100 gram içindir.
Calorie Ruler
Quantity (Grams / Gr) Calories (Kcal / KJ)
0,50 Gr 45 Kcal/KJ
100 Gr 90 Kcal/KJ
150 Gr 135 Kcal/KJ
200 Gr 180 Kcal/KJ
250 Gr 225 Kcal/KJ
300 Gr 270 Kcal/KJ
350 Gr 315 Kcal/KJ
400 Gr 360 Kcal/KJ
450 Gr 405 Kcal/KJ
500 Gr 450 Kcal/KJ

Keep in a cool and dry place.

500 CC Glass
5/1 Tin
15/1 Tins

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