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Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Green Olives

It includes Green of olive and red of sundried tomato in it. First it attracts the eye with the harmony of spices then it leaves a very smooth taste.
Altınköy Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Green Olives which includes no preservatives and Coloring. Altınköy Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Green Olives is the essential part of your tables at every meal. Bon Apettit!

Altınköy Green Olives with Dry Tomato Filling

You will want to see every meal of the day at your tables with peace of mind. Another way to reward yourself.

You can eat this product without any additives or preservatives from production to packaging, so that you can enjoy your children with olives, enjoy your breakfast tables, a lunch aperitif, your trenches in your home and your unique taste in your dinner.

Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Green Olives Ürün İçeriği Nedir?

Teknik Özellikleri ve Detayları

Fermented Pitted Green Olives, Sun Dried Tomato, Spice Mixture, Vegetable Oil.

Nutritional Values (Ruler)
Energy 90 kcal
Fat 10  g g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Carbonhydrate 0 g
Sugar 0 g
Proteines 1.3 g
Salt 4000 mg
Sodium 1600 mg
~ Vitamin D  0 mg
~ Calcium  0 mg
~ Iron         0 mg
        ~ Potassium 25 mg  0%
All nutritional values are * 100 grams.
Calorie Ruler
Quantity (Grams / Gr) Calories (Kcal / KJ)
0,50 Gr 45 Kcal/KJ
100 Gr 90 Kcal/KJ
150 Gr 135 Kcal/KJ
200 Gr 180 Kcal/KJ
250 Gr 225 Kcal/KJ
300 Gr 270 Kcal/KJ
350 Gr 315 Kcal/KJ
400 Gr 360 Kcal/KJ
450 Gr 405 Kcal/KJ
500 Gr 450 Kcal/KJ

Keep in a cool and dry place.

500 CC Glass
5/1 Tin
15/1 Tins

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