14 February, 2019 - Sectoral

Social Media: We, instant shares, campaigns and surprise developments!

Which social media channels are there? Instagram, Facebook and other channels. Don’t forget to follow us for campaigns, instant sharing, improvements and more.

We are aware that Altınköy Gourmet is the power of communication social media

In the digitalized world, we have a place for ourselves. We are using social media channels actively due to popular culture. We share our new products and campaigns in these areas as well as on our website. Not only will we share our product and campaign, but we also aim to make our esteemed followers happy with Instagram lottery and surprise gifts.

What is there in Altınköy Gurme follow us to have information and to contact us.

If you like our products, don’t forget to share the photos with our # Altınköy tag and follow our page. ☺

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